Which gcc compiler to upload.

I have SUSE version 11 loaded and I need a C compiler. I notice the distribution disk has a bunch of gcc type files with the extension rpm, meaning they are rpm files. Which should I upload to install a gcc compiler on my system? My system uses an AMD processor that is a 64 bit one, I think.
That is probably one of the x86_64 ones. There are several listed, like -
4,479 gcc-32bit-4.3-39.1.x86_64.rpm
4,608 gcc-4.3-39.1.x86_64.rpm
4,353 gcc-c+±4.3-39.1.x86_64.rpm

Also, its been a long time since I uploaded any rpm type files. A hint at how to upload it, once I figure out which one to upload would be nice.

There are several other files with the main name of gcc other than the ones I named above.

Also I found a good source for installing rpm files which is


So no need to help me with installing the package, once I figure out which package to install. So any advice on which of these packages to install in order to have a C compiler would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried entering ‘gcc’ in the Search facility in YaST? This will tell you what is available and, if you highlight each entry, a full description and specification will appear below.

If you check the boxes of the ones you think you want to install, YaST will produce a list of dependencies that also need installing and if you are happy with those, you can leave it all up to YaST.

Thanks for the YAST tip. I will give that a try.