Which free Instant messenger server & Email server is best for SUSE 11.4

Looking for some advice and guidance please? Which free Instant Messaging server & Email server is best for SUSE 11.4?

I have an office with a mix of approx 20+ Windows 7, Macs desktops, and we want to bring our email and instant messaging services/solution in house.

Im technical, so am not afraid to dive in feet first, but being relatively new to Linux can anyone advise a good free product(s) which would work in this kind of setup bearing in mind the windows and mac desktops need compatible clients?

Any help and guidance is appreciated.


If you are starting out and are not an experienced Linux admin, I would recommend group office. You would need to know how to setup a mysql db and install a php application, but its very functional and nice for end users. Setting up a more traditional email server like postfix or exim is very robust, but is not for beginners.

Hi everyone!

Sorry for drifting from the topic, can i get some names of efficient Bulk Mail Servers providers please?

Please get this reply to solve your problem and please dont try to divert the topic.I think you’re looking for providers of linux email servers , this might help you secure email servers. Thanks.

has some experience of good server providers. URL bulk mail servers
surely are good and I have contacted them…