Which file system should I choose and which version of openSUSE?

So I have a desktop PC. I see there are many benefits on some file systems and on choosing Tumbleweed over Leap and the other way around. So what would be the best choice for my /home file system partition and my / file system partition? What I do on my computer is usually programming, surfing the web, drawing, I’m also planning to use blender and I sometimes play games. So what would you recommend?

Simply go for the defaults.

Tumbleweed is cutting edge and always changing thus a higher chance of things breaking, But that is the cost of riding the bleeding edge.

Leap is not so cutting edge and there is seldom a major change for it’s life cycle (about 18 months)

Thanks for your answers. I decided to go with the defaults and install Tumbleweed and in case my system breaks I have snapshots since my root file system is Btrfs I can easily go back so I won’t have any problems.