Which file search software is available for Opensuse?

Hallo!I have installed Opensuse 10.3 in my computer.My machine also has Windows XP thus there are windows partitions.I have configured Opensuse to have read/write access to these windows partitions.
Now I want an Opensuse software that I can use to search any file within my entire computer (both Opensuse and Windows partitions).Which software can I use to achieve this search,where do I download it and how do I configure it?
Please give me a solution to my problem as soon as possible.Thanks in advance

Well, there is the normal Search function in the menu you get when you click on the K Menu (normaly lower left). It does not bother about partitions, because in a Linux system as a user you just see the directory tree independent of the way it is build up by mounting partitions.

So looking for file OOOPS? just let the Search start from / and it will do so.


Alternatively, make use of the find program. It is a cli tool.

It’s very quick and has quite a few features.

Find the details in the manual or info pages.


From a GUI, there is normally Beagle

For a filename, open a console and enter locate <string>
(The string can be any part of the filename)

To locate a string within a file, you need to get the hang of grep.

Open a console and enter
info grep

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carboncore <carboncore@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Alternatively, make use of the find program. It is a cli tool.
> It’s very quick and has quite a few features.
> Find the details in the manual or info pages.
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Oooh! You’re a mean man!! Sic’ing ‘find’ on new users. {Chuckle}
Do you know how long it took for me to grok the man page for that? OMG!

If one installs ‘findutils-locate’, you can type ‘locate xxx’ to find
something. But it only updates once a day. There are newer versions which
update immediately by monitoring the file system. One would have to search
for them.

There is also a kio-slave for locate too… allowing 'locate:xxx" queries
from a konqueror address bar. (need to install kio-locate package)

{Smile} Ok, 'nuff picking on you… I think I’ll go throw rocks at the other
person who responded who suggested installing Beagle.

Loni :slight_smile:

L R Nix

In 11.0 there is also the new strigi search engine, which claims to be much faster than Beagle, interfaces with different backends, and can search within files. It is configured in KDE 4 under Configure Desktop/Advance/Nepomuk. I haven’t looked into what Nepomuk is. I have played just a little with strigi and it works well, but the client interface is very limited, much less than Beagle provides. Perhaps Nepomuk when activated addresses that; I don’t know.

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Ok. I activated strigi. Now what? It doesn’t run if I type strigi in a console. It is not in my menu. The “find file” utility in the menu looks and acts the same.

In YaST Software Management for the strigi package, look at the File List. You’ll see the various programs and where the documentation is, that will tell you what does what. I didn’t go as far as figuring out how its connected Nepomuk; I used the client before even knowing about that. But you have to start the daemon and indexing to have something to search on. Offhand I don’t remember the setup and commands, but not difficult to figure out from the docm. Also check the website, more info there. This sw is very new.