which file formats can be postet here in this fourm

hello dear friends,

which file formats can be postet here in this fourm

i want to post a question with lo liebreoffice and OpenOffice / questions.
unfortunatly i cannot post them!

I think a question can be typed by yourself in a post.

When you mean you want to upload Openoffice documents, you can probably do so to http://paste.opensuse.org and post the URL here. But I am not sure that people will download those to their systems and open them with the appropriate application. For most that will be untrusted data.

Allowed file formats here in the forums are gif, ini, jpe, jpeg, jpg, log, pdf.
png, txt There is a file size limit of 100k on some, 300k on others. These
forums aren’t really for file hosting. There are a lot of other file hosting
services you can upload to and point to. One of them is
https://paste.opensuse.org/ . Google Drive and Dropbox are other good options.

Kim - 5/29/2018 10:19:21 AM

… best to post to https://paste.opensuse.org/ then provide a link to them in your questions here in the Forum.

That’s 3/3 with same answer - a consensus! :wink:

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