which file compressor opens multiple rar's?

Hi all,

Trying to figure out what is a good file compressor that will open a set of rar files into a single file?

Ark isn’t to well with this.



In kde3 just install rar (you might check you have all the various archive packages installed)
you should be able to just right click - extract

in kde4 I’m using RAR GUI Utility

would that gui utility be available for KDE3?

I already have rar installed.



Did you tried gnome file-roller, it will open almost every compressed file.

Do you need a GUI.
I haven’t tried running it from KDE3, but I guess it should work. Though whenever I use KDE3 I only ever use the file manager to navigate and then use right click extract.
The rar gui is in the 4.1 factory community
called: aku

Xarchiver will do this for you you will also need the rar package

Suse has an rpm “unrar”.