Which Eclipse ?


I want to use Eclipse for software development and testing. Specifically UML, C/C++ and Java, as well as unit testing of the latter two. As I’m using OpenSUSE 12.2, I used YAST/Software/Software Management. This installed the following :-

ecj, ecj-bootstrap, eclipse-swt

However, nothing has shown up in the main-launcher/Applications/Development menus. I tried using (command not found) “cnf eclipse” in a terminal which resulted in “eclipse: command not found”.

I then visited eclipse.org and found that there are many different versions, namely Europa, Ganymede, Galileo, Helios, Indigo and Juno.

As my PC is based on an Intel Pentium 4 running OpenSUSE 12.2, I understand that I need a Linux 32-bit version. However, other than that, this wide selection has left me confused.

Could some kind soul please point me in the direction of which version of eclipse I should install ?

Could you also please advise which plugins I need ? I know that I need cdt for C/C++ and jdt for Java. What plugins do I need for UML, and for unit testing of C/C++ & Java ? Will all these plugins be found on eclipse.org or will I need to source some of them from other locations ?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give with this.


Hi Stuart - installing those compilers and libraries won’t install Eclipse itself. You need to download the tar.gz/rpm (or add the relevant repository) for the IDE version you wish (e.g. from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ ). As for which one to choose, I don’t know Eclipse (I do not like or recommend IDEs but that’s my prejudice) so cannot recommend a specific version, but you might find the post at version - Difference between eclipse europa, helios, galileo - Stack Overflow helpful, wherein it seems to suggest they’ve used arbitrary names instead of version numbers (it seems Juno is the latest v4.2)…

procedure listed here https://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/applications/481446-cant-run-java-apps-stock-12-1-install.html#post2510979

Actually openSUSE didn’t ship Eclipse at all…

I don’t know the reason, but as a distribution, we didn’t package and ship JAVA things well. Maybe because they can be just downloaded and unpacked, maybe because we lack of JAVA developers and packagers in our teams, or maybe they’re based on Orcale JDK which has legal problems that can’t be included in openSUSE. Who knows…

I think Eclipse’s website have already tagged their tarballs by function. Personally, I’m not a Java dev, but I think you can download a C++ version…because Eclipse itself is developed by Java, it should be able to write Java, no matter which derivatives you use.

One user has built eclipse
You may try it out software.opensuse.org: