Which documentation?

I have been using OpenSUSE for some years, but I have to admit that I don’t understand OpenSUSE documentations. There are different places:

Wiki: openSUSE Wiki
Revamped? doc: openSUSE User Documentation Project (this page said this has been stopped: openSUSE:Documentation migration - openSUSE Wiki)
Official? doc: https://doc.opensuse.org/
SUSE doc: https://documentation.suse.com/

While I think people typically just use archlinux doc, there are some OpenSUSE specific problems which are not documented by archlinux doc. And sometimes I would like to contribute a documentation on how I solve a problem but the OpenSUSE doc chaos always scares me off. Does anyone have a good idea on how the docs are organized these days?

@disisdadrum if it’s a specific openSUSE thing, then I would suggest the wiki and/or a SDB article if something hardware specific…

Else if it’s additional info to enhance the current documentation (doc.o.o) then branch (See the source link) edit as required and create a PR.

You are exaggerating. The authors of openSUSE User Documentation Project made an important point: openSUSE:Documentation migration - openSUSE Wiki?

See also openSUSE-Conference-2021/exports/slides-export.pdf at master · why-not-try-calmer/openSUSE-Conference-2021 · GitHub

Aside from the above issues openSUSE documentation is reliable and high quality: https://doc.opensuse.org/

And, maintained by members of the SUSE S.A. staff …

To put it bluntly, the SUSE S.A. staff were not happy with the quality of the openSUSE documentation being maintained on a voluntary basis and, as a result, took control of the openSUSE documentation.

If you want to influence the openSUSE documentation, you’ll have to register as an openSUSE Member and then, make yourself known (as a human being) to the openSUSE documentation maintainers – possibly by personal contact – and then, supply your input by the means required by the people maintaining the documentation.

A possible meeting point for a face-to-face with the documentation maintainers could be an openSUSE Conference but, you’ll have to sort that out with the Conference organisers …

@dcurtisfra just branch and submit a PR will suffice… Or jump on the SUSE side and hit the feedback button.