Which Desktop Environment is Best for Multiple Monitors?

I want to get off of Windows for good, and install OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (OST).

On one PC, I have two video cards (2x Nvidia GTS 450) and four monitors,
and on the other PC I have an nVidia 970, also with four monitors.

I want to have taskbars on all monitors, ideally showing only the windows on that monitor.
I would also like a launcher menu to start apps on each monitor.
A systray and clock would be nice, too.

I have installed probably 20 versions of Linux so far, from Arch to Ubuntu, and also most of the desktops available.
It seems that Cinnamon is the easiest DE to put taskbars and launch menus on all the monitors.

So, I am currently in the process of reinstalling OST, but there is no Cinnamon option.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks/advice on multiple monitors and taskbars and launchers?

I already tried KDE. The mouse kept freezing for a few seconds, so I installed the nVidia driver, and then three monitors went black. I didn’t want to continue down a rabbit hole that might burn up 3 days, so I moved on.

XFCE seemed to allow adding extra panels, but I don’t really like XFCE too much.

I guess the next thing I’m going to do is install OST Gnome, and see if I can put the launcher/taskbar on all monitors.

But hopefully someone has been down this path and has some advice. Maybe there is some app in the repository?


I can’t help you with the multimonitor setup, but I tried cinamon on 13.1 and after a while I couldn’t login anymore, so I went back to gnome.
Also it was pretty simple to install. Just install opensuse gnome and add the cinamon repository and install a pattern, if I remember correctly.
However, such repository might not exist yet… I’m sure someone will help you out very soon.