Which computer magazines will enclose OpenSUSE 11.2


next month Suse will release version 11.2. Which computer magazines (in Germany) will have the Suse DVD attached, and by when? I know that c’t magazine occasionally added OpenSuse in the past, but not each time. How will OpenSuse 11.2 be handled?

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Heyho, do you want to read this in german? For general understanding I´m writing this in english… Well, I consider to be c’t - Magazin fuer Computertechnik a great magazine covering very actual topics. Before actually buying it in your favourite store, click the above link and look if the OpenSuse 11.2 DVD is enclosed. But hey, why won´t you just download it when it is out?

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Well, I considered to do so, but the main reason is that the download manager offers three different ISO images for the main program, for addons and for the lingos. But I would like to have all data on only one disc. And the second reason is that either my programm file or my download magager is broken; the md5 sums don’t fit, and the image containes many zero-byte files. I tried it several times. That’s why I would like to have a real disc officially approved by Suse :wink:

So you want the official DVD available on release.

Use the torrents or fix your download manager (or your file system).

I thought you wanted a disc from a magazine?


If you don’t want to download and an official medium, buy the boxed version.

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