which command under openSUSE / executable path


i wanted to install a linux application but there were a lot of errors.

additionally i asked the developer: they told me:

However, my guess is that your openSUSE installation does not have the command “which” installed, or does not have it in the executable path.

they software wasn’t tested on openSuse by them. So they can’t help me more.

do you know how to install the which command or put in in the executable path?

thanks alot :slight_smile:

When I type


in a terminal, it is there. Why shouldn’t it be in your installation and why did you not do this simple test?

% which which
which: shell built-in command
henk@boven:~> which which

@Lazy_Kent. Which shell do you use?

In any case, enough which on the system.

I didn’t know there is a difference. Now I see.
I use zsh.

% rpm -qf /usr/bin/which

I detected it from your prompt: %

Never mind, the message to the OP Exxplain is: it is installed and which is on every Unix/Linux since more then 40 years.

BTW Exxplain, you are trying to build software, are you sure there is no installable, ready to go version of this software fit for openSUSE. Building it is the last resort when all else fails.

Please do not → multipost in several forums.

root:/ # which which

i tested and which should work correctly i think.