Which Cloud Storage Service Do You Prefer?

Dropbox but this is just because I tried it first and works well enough for me to try anything different.

I transferred all of my remaining documents to Wuala.

I use Younited. Their servers are in Finland (Younited is owned by F-Secure) so you are safe from spying. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Will need to check it out :slight_smile:

I don’t use Cloud storage. Why? My private/personal use of data contains ~25 000 photos, ~4500 e-books etc. On top of that work-related data. I’m lucky to have my “own” cloud" in my basement accessibly from outside I-net as well. Yes it takes some work to setup and maintain but it is worth (and some fun) it according to my opinion

Another interesting question/poll would be, -“How do you back up your data”? :slight_smile:


I use Copy.com because it is cross-platform (and having earned over 200GB in referrals doesn’t hurt ;)) Heck, it can store all 90GB of digital photos, though I am also trying to upload them into Flickr since that has a 1TB space limit.

One thing I like about it, too, is that it offers to use Mover.io for easily moving files from one service to another (in this case, into your Copy account). Using it I was able to move my entire Dropbox and Ubuntu One services into Copy without having to download-and-upload, or having to leave my computer one while it moves things over. It could also be set on a schedule to copy contents from one to another place (even FTP or sFTP locations) automatically.

I understand that there could be the security question if it is stored on their servers at any time during the transfer, or not.

So I set up Copy on Ubuntu and openSUSE. Not sure if I am going to place it on my Windows machines because I do have OneDrive on those and my Microsoft Account is for more professional uses ( career and organizations I am involved in).

One downside of Copy.com as opposed to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, is that there is no easy way to edit the files in the browser. With the other 3 I can edit some files and even edit PHP and HTML files through the browser (with extensions, OneDrive has it built in with syntax coloring even).

I do need to get a couple pieces of equipment but am looking at setting up a home ownCloud server and setting everybody’s accounts and all of the family computers to synchronize everything with an ownCloud account.

I have Google Drive but only due to it’s default in case you use Android and it get used only to share non-sensitive files or my reminders for books/music for all other tasks I use usb sticks.

Mega now has an openSUSE native client, if anyone uses it.

I read that as a good news, but I reluctantly use Mega despite their 50GB storage for free. I had numerous failed uploading using them.

Thanks for the heads-up. I don’t use it, but been browsing today and see the client has been released since i last visited their site.

Recently I have been thinking about setting up a 1 TB of Dropbox with directories for each of my family members.

This way, on each individual person’s account, they would have a folder specifically for them (e.g. Dropbox/Users/dragonbite) where their files would be synchronized and using symlinks to connect ~/Dropbox/Users/dragonbite/Documents to ~/Documents et. al.

So it would be 1 TB between all of us, everybody’s files would be backed up and files would be accessible via the browser if necessary. Add in a server connected to a 1-1.5TB hard drive with Dropbox running to synchronize the entire account and I have a local backup of everything just in case.

Then comes the process of duplicating this with ownCloud and Amazon AWS…

I prefer OneDrive because it works best with my phone + various desktop OS’s that I use.

And I got 250GB of free storage from them for 24 months. rotfl!

I got +100GB for the year by searching and using Bing for a couple of weeks :wink:

Do you use OneDrive with Linux (outside of through the browser)?

I would consider OneDrive or Google Drive if they had a Linux client for synchronizing.

What I like with OneDrive is that it doesn’t convert files in order to access (some of them) through the browser. So on a project I was working on recently I was able to edit it locally (in Windows) at home and then during my lunchtime at work I could access it via the browser. When I get home, I pick up where I left off because it synchronizes the changes I put in during Lunch.

Plus I love that you can open the file in OneDrive through the browser but in a local copy of Word/Excel/Powerpoint so that when you click “Save” it saves it in yoru OneDrive location, not somewhere locally. That’s how I usually make my changes while at work (no download-edit-upload process necessary).

If Mega does have support for Linux, why Google Drive doesn’t? doing something over the browser not really convenient to do job.

Exactly the issue! Numerous companies have shown that it is technically feasible, and if Google hires the “smartest and the brightest” then logically this technical feat should be simple to fix.

So it has to be something else. Some decision within the Google business.

There are several ways to use GDrive on Linux - GDriveFS and GDrive-ocamlfuse come to mind right off the bat.

How well do they actually work? Sometimes these solutions are very slow and unresponsive.

Is the concept that I would use this to mount my Google Drive with a folder (e.g. ~/Google)? Are Google Doc “files” shown as links like they are with Windows?

The kicker with Google is that they said they would, and they haven’t. It’s going on how many years, and they just keep stringing Linux users along.

I have GDrive. I find easy to get files there whether I’m in my pc or smartphone.

None, zero, zilch!

Having been involved with Online Security and Network Security, and from all that I have seen, I trust nobody else with my data.>:)

I’ve recently switched to onedrive cause of my lumia phone and I must say it’s really nice (even though driven by evil MS). It has much more storage for free than dropbox and the functionality is the same from my perspective :slight_smile: