Which Cloud Storage Service Do You Prefer?

Ok, this one’s quite straightforward. The cloud service you prefer, if you even use one, ofcourse, and why do you prefer it over the alternatives? Is it because it’s superior in stability, security, it’s been around longer and you use it for ages, or…

Copy is a nice one for free find it here:

Been using Google Drive for a couple of years now, it integrates really well over my Android devices & can login & retrieve any files on any computer with internet access.

I use Dropbox, since that is the first one I tried and I do not feel like making a switch. It is also Linux friendly.

I once heard in another forum a guy using Google Drive did not think it was very personal, when the topic of his files starting popping up in Google ads, he made his own private server out of an old notebook after that.

Then again, I would not put anything too sensitive on a sharing web site.

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Dropbox because of a HowTo for openSUSE posted here by caf4926 https://forums.opensuse.org/content/37-re-how-install-dropbox-kde.html

I’d try Linux e.g. Ubuntu except I would hate for it to be hacked

Here is a good link on trusted and untrusted services. I wish some one would do a write up on self hosted cloud servers, I was never able to get one of them working, my networking skills are not the best. :shame:


Google Drive, very handy as it embedded into Gmail which in case I want to send big file to other Gmail users.

We use ownCloud on a private server.

Dropbox although I have also skydrive.

I got hooked on Spideroak with opensuse 11.3 I think, worked my way up to 15GB and now I use it daly

For now I don’t use any cloud storage service.

More of a fan of owncloud / owncloud providers

Skydrive: it’s reliable and very well integrated with the mail service outlook.com.

Long used Google Drive, and Amazon (as where some e-books stored) recently also using Dropbox so far for photos from my mobile.

The challenge is for all sites and service providers to be extremely clear, concerning where our information is Private, is Shared with restrictions to others by our choice, and is Public.

Where enabled is sharing by invitation, how clear and how simple is it to cancel invited access ?

Need clearer statements as to what effort each commercial entity operating the sites shall act to protect our privacy.

Am one of the many with concerns about placing sensitive data on any sharing web sites, even with separate password locks or encryption.

My concerns more commercial confidence, less for where court orders may be sort and obtained.

IMHO to remain within a civil society remains we do at times need access, such must be properly sort, be reasonable, not excessive, protect our privacy, and be open to judicial challenge.

For confidential data, backup, copy to DVD or USB chips and store securely… with written instructions on how to unlock.


No one is using Ubuntu One? lol!

To me Google Drive 15GB is more than enough to my daily need, I have few others like SkyDrive, Mega and SpiderOak but almost doing nothing with it.

I see Amazon and few others in Backup option, Gnome. I wish Google Drive is there.

I guess it has something to do for 3 version being existent, but none for other distros.

GUI client for Drive and Mega would be appreciated.

I’m using dropbox. - Works great. - But I’m not too serious about it.

My answer to this is kinda lame :D. I have been using Dropbox the longest and so I keep things mostly on it [although i do back it up to google drive and skydrive on occasion]. Also I like their site design and app designs for smartphones etc…

Condoleezza Rice joined the Dropbox board, so I have no intention of using their services again.