Which app to sync with Nokia E71

I’m starting a new business and I’m looking for tools to handle my appointments and contacts. I would like to have them sync’ed with a Nokia E71 phone (by wifi, bluetooth or USB).

I’ve tried setting up bluetooth, but I’m stuck because there appears to be a bug (based on what I’ve read).

Now I’m considering to subscribe a google calendar which can be easily sync’ed via wifi. However, I’m reluctant because I would like to have everything in 1 tool. At the moment I’m using evolution, but I have no clue how I can sync this with the Nokia phone.

Evolution seems the most logical solution if you come from an outlook environment.

Please provide me with your advice on the tools that I should use for e-mails, contacts and calendars and for which sync-solution I should go for.

Tx for your support


Nokia E71 supports SyncML and any SyncML tool like kitchensync etc. can be used. I have used it sometime back and since I don’t use Nokia phones anymore, it is out of my head.

Anyway, it is not wise to sync emails on Nokia phones becasue of their crude support.