Which 2.6.26.xx Kernel? From Kernel:stable or Tumbleweed repo or Kernel:head

Kernel:stable vrs Tumbleweed repo2.6.38-18.1

Seems folks are updating their kernels using the Tumbleweed repos, at least that’s what the posts imply and not necessarily up’ing fully to Tumbleweed.

My questions would be:

  • which would be the safer/secure/tested repo if upgrading ? I would assume kernel:stable (because it has “stable” in the title)
  • why the difference in version numbers? Different repos different updating scedules?
  • .1-1.1 would be newer than -18.1 ?
  • why do people in other posts suggest kernel:head, isn’t that like Factory untested?


ps - I’m running 2.6.38 from Kernel:stable fine so far

So I don’t have answers to all of your questions but, is newer and in my opinion, the one I would load if you have an option. In fact, I an getting ready to load it myself. I looked at the change log and it includes several Alsa and USB fixes, among other things.

Thank You,

I used Tumbleweed with 11.3 (test partition) to upgrade just the kernel, mainly looking for support improvements for my notebook ahead of 11.4, and I never had a single problem. Today I upgraded that test partion to 11.4 and then upgraded to full Tumbleweed. Kernel 2.6.38-18.1 is running nicely.

Kernel:Head is more “bleeding edge” than kernel:Stable, so why do people recommend it? You have to understand the context e.g support for relatively new hardware needing the very latest kernel release.

As Tumbleweed gathers momentum, their “newest stable” kernel will probably be exposed to more testing by openSUSE users outside of the developer circle, than the alternative new releases originally mentioned.