Where's the source code for the "sysinfo" in konqueror app? I want to make an addon for firefox

I would much prefer sysinfo be in firefox (for many reasons but since openSUSE seems to be moving toward that, it makes sense). If someone can point me to the source code implementing this for konqueror, I’d be more than happy to work on getting it into an addon for firefox.

AFAIK you need the kio-sysinfo code, but my guess is that you’d have to be at kde.org. The documentation to build KDE apps and such is there anyway. openSUSE just packages KDE, does it’s own branding.

There was an openFATE created for this last year and it was rejected as needed to come upstream of openSUSE, perhaps by KDE I guess. Here is the link on it:

[openFATE 312650] Enable sysinfo:/ protocol in firefox](http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-features/2011-07/msg00159.html)

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Tree for kdebase4-opensuse in openSUSE - Gitorious
[KDE] Index of /trunk/playground/base/kio_sysinfo]([KDE] Index of /trunk/playground/base/kio_sysinfo)

Thanks! I’ll take a look at that.

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I don’t think that looking at the sourcecode would be very useful. You’d probably find more useful information if you look at topics like “system information instrumentation” and plain text sysinfo apps like siga and desktop widgets like conky (both are in the openSUSE repos).

Typically “instrumentation” is access to metrics in an application, usually exposed as an API.