Where's the SLP browser?

Apparently I have something called “yast2-slp” installed, which is a “SLP Agent and Browser”. At least that’s what the package management tells me. However, there’s no such thing anywhere in YaST.

I also installed “kio_slp”, which is described as “SLP Browsing with Konqueror”. However, when I type slp:/ in Konqueror, it says that protocol is not supported. It says the same thing for service:/

When I try to scan for repositories using SLP, it says there are none to be found.

Is there ANY way to browse SLP services on my network?!? I’ve got a bunch of stuff setup using SLES 10, but none of it seems to be accessible. I can’t figure out what’s wrong because I can’t even browse SLP services at all!

not really bothered with it,but, have you read this 21.6. SLP Services in the Network