Where to report a bug re Samba in Tumbleweed?


I had a perfectly working Samba in 11.4 with KDE, before upgrading to Tumbleweed. After upgrading, Samba continued to work just fine, until a few days ago (I mean I noticed the problem a few days ago). If I downgrade the Samba RPMs to the version in 11.4 the bug goes away. When I upgrade the Samba RPMs to the Tumbleweed repo the bug comes back. This cycle is repeatable.

I can’t see a category for Tumbleweed in Novell Bugzilla.

So my question is: Where/how do I report the bug?

[PS: the nature of the bug is that the Tumbleweed version of Samba (a) does not update netbios names of machines and (b) access to shared folders on the Tumbleweed machine is refused when trying to connect from a client on the LAN if the folder is password-protected in smbpasswd. (Access is granted if the folder is “guest ok = yes”)]

Mailing List? Portal:Tumbleweed - openSUSE the “How can I contribute?” bit…

OK thanks m…