Where to put start-up bash scripts for SDDM (Plasma 6)? Like GDM PostLogin?

I have Intel graphics and it defaults to RGB Limited on my HDMI display. Iirc Plasma 6 Wayland has a drop-down box for the HDMI color format, but it’s not showing on X11 6.0.4.

On GNOME with GDM, I solved this on multiple distros with putting some proptest commands in /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default (notes).

I’m wondering if there’s an up-to-date, standard and official location to put such kinds of scripts/commands with SDDM or Plasma 6?

I think I want it applying either xrandr or proptest at both log-in and post-login.

Well, in the past with plasma I’ve had success with xrandr post login scripts in:


This only seemed to work post-login, though.

Just noticed another way with the GUI:

system settings → (Scroll down to System heading) Auto Start → + Add (in the top right corner)

Note to anyone stumbling across this thread:

In dolphin some files and folders are hidden by default (like .config) so you can’t see them:

Open Dolphin and hold ctrl and H to reveal hidden files and folders.

Press the same combination again to hide hidden files and folders.