Where to post... computer articles?

Hello Folks

    I rely a lot on people posting various blogs, tutorials and other articles to learn about Linux (and other computer related topics). I have slowly become more of an expert on computers and have developed a lot of my own custom solutions for common problems. Much like all the posts I relied upon in the past I want to share some of my own developments to the wider community to help others.

    The question I have for you is where? I don't want the hassle of creating my own website. I don't want to create blog. I don't want to maintain something, all I want to do is post and let people read... Is there a forum where people post these type of things? I would be fine if someone suggested an openSuse forum, but a lot of what I am doing applies beyond openSuse... I have written an article on using Pareto optimization analysis to design custom PC's for high performance and value. I have written a second part about creating a really robust automated back-up and data management system using btrfs, systemd and other utilities.

Thanks for your tips

Take Care

For general topics, have a look at something like wordpress.org.

It sounds like you want a blog, even though you say you don’t - there are
plenty of free options on the 'net that don’t require you to set up your
own system.


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