where to get the checksum of OpenSuse ISO several months ago?

I got a sha256sum 54fb3a488e0fececf45cdaeefaccfb64437745da4b1ca444662e3aac20cf37b5 of openSUSE-Leap-15.3-NET-x86_64-Media.iso, which has been downloaded several months ago, is this the correct file? Where to find all the old checksums to openSuse ISO on the public websites?

I’m not finding checksums for old downloads. The download site seems to only have newer isos from early November.

I do have my own copies for the DVD isos, but I never downloaded the NET isos so I have no information about those.

Well, that’s basically the same on Ubuntu. I see only the latest installation media (e.g. 20.04.3 as of now), not previous ones. If there is specific reason one needs to use old images, I would try factory mailing list first.

Some years ago Linux Mint ISO had been modified by hacker, so I need some method to verify my downloading, and the installation media is large for me to download.

I’v got an idea to install OpenSuse 15.3 without downloading latest huge file (4GB) is to download the smaller latest OpenSuse 15.3.3-NET (400MB) then it can boot to install earlier version of OpenSuse 15.3 ISO from my local drive, what I ask is can OpenSuse 15.3.3-NET work with ealier version of OpenSuse 15.3?

I clearly remember Ubuntu website had all the checksums to all the versions some years ago, And also very old one can be found from there. They removing the old versions just for saving?

If you have an older DVD iso (the 4GB file), you can still install with that. And I do have the checksum information for that older DVD iso.

If you want the smaller “NET” iso, then perhaps you should download the latest for which there is a checksum available.

The the installation media is much more popular than NET iso, the checksum can be found around the internet, 0deae0b74953acd951150ae9567e098d450f2ae91b2d0c0a610b9d934f91c7b1,thank you