Where to get previous version Postgresql RPM's ?

I’m in dire need of SLES 11 SP1 x86_64 RPM’s for Postgresql 9.0.5 … I am only able to find the latest version 9.1.1 where ever I search !

I can build from source but would much prefer to maintain RPM based package control across the system. Is there any way to build the required packages of a previous version ? Items required are:

Hope there is an easy answer I have simply overlooked …

Was trying to use pg_upgrade and wound up using a package from some place called OpenSCG. Looks like they’re supposed to work nicely alongside whatever version your package manager installed:

Postgres RPM & DEB Linux Packages

Just in case 9.0.3 would do as well: there is a package here:


If not, branch the package, fit in your 9.0.5 source and rebuild. You may have to tweak some patches (I don’t know, but it’s very well possible).