where to get a current Postgres11 (hard requirement)?

Hey there,
I am a big fan of Tumbleweed, which is what I am currently running, mostly because it has up to date packages.
Unfortunately, I have no clue, where to get a current Postgres11 (hard requirement)?

As far as I can see, I have 10.5 but no 11.x.

I already included the databases repository.
Any help appreciated!


package search https://software.opensuse.org/search?utf8=✓&baseproject=ALL&q=postgresql

click postgresql, click the experimental button below Tumbleweed, gets you here:


so it is in server:databas:postgresql

Though I do not understand what you mean by hard requirement :wink:

Personally, I would go for docker containers: https://hub.docker.com/_/postgres . Have not used bare metal installs of postgresql in quite a while. It is either docker or an SLA backed service purchased from the data center provider. Which, granted, is probably not v11 :smiley:

> so it is in server:databas:postgresql
Yeah. Obviously … bummer I am sorry…
I could have sworn, I wasn’t there yesterday :smiley: But it was at the end of my workday … g

So. Okay. My Bad - Stupid Me!

> hard requirement

I had the experience made in other fora, that there is some tendency to provide solutions, which do not meet my requirement (in this case: at work).

> Personally, I would go for docker containers
Yes, I think, the time has come for me to join the track :wink:

Thanks anyway!

Yes, I went down the docker route for my stack and I am happier than ever :]
Thanks a lot!

Remember if you deploy pre-built Docker containers (usually from Dockerhub) that if you need to modify the application in the container itself, you’ll likely need to use commands and repositories used by the stub OS in the container (usually a stub OS is included to provide cross-distro compatibility).

So, if you want to stay with zypper commands and openSUSE repos, you should look for a container built on openSUSE.