Where to get 11.1 kernel and initrd

i upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2. Unfortunately the new kernel does not work with my sata/southbridge (i googled and figured its a known issue). So i tried to boot a 11.1 64bit rescue system to install the older kernel and the corresponding initrd. The problem is, that i cant find the kernel and initrd on the rescue system. Does anybody know how to do this?
Thanks for any hints!

You could do this;

  • boot with rescue
  • mount the installed system to some temporary directory
  • download the kernel files from the 11.1 update folder and put them in the temporary directory here you mounted the system


  • chroot to the mounted directory
  • mount /boot in the appropriate location if you have it as a seperate partition
  • install kernel-* with rpm (this will also re-create initrd)


And yes, I’m bad at explaining things.

mkinird fails because /dev/sda3 is not found. In my rescue environment its there but when i chroot into my system there is no /dev/sda3. What can i do about it?