Where to find sysfs.conf


I need to configure my heating up fingerprint reader.
According to Thinkwiki I should add something to the file sysfs.conf if I installed sysfsutils. sysfsutils has been already installed but I couldn’t find the file sysfs.conf.
Anyone knows where it is located in Opensuse 11.1?


If you have locate installed, open the console and try
locate sysfs.conf
or one of the files you know has been installed. There may well be a READ.ME in the same folder.

In case you did not understand the utility that is spoken of by john_hudson is findutils-locate. I come over from fedora so I know it is called just locate in that distro.

You need to install the package findutils-locate. After that, open a terminal window and type: su -c updatedb
Now an initial database is made, updated every day, of the files on your system. After the process is finished, you’ll have your prompt back and type: locate sysfs.conf
BUT: My system is fairly complete, I mean there’s a lot of stuff installed and used, but I’ve got no sysfs.conf , nothing refering to sysfs in /etc either…

Here’s one more: you can look for the sysfs in all packages in available repos, by opening the software installer, check all options and search for sysfs.conf
It returns no results, so probably Fedora does things a little different than openSUSE

in openSUSE 10.3 and KDE just look in the menu for “Find
Files/Folders” and click it…and then set it to look for sysfs.conf
in the root directory and wait while it searches…


I don’t think you will find sysfs.conf in openSUSE. I think ubuntu uses it as part of the system start-up scripts (not sure). If you just want to insert something during the boot process, do it the openSUSE way.