Where to find libgc1-dev (header files for libgc1)

I see libgc1 (version 7.6.4-1.16) is still required for some packages in Leap 15.4 but how can I get the headers for my own compilation?

( I’d like to compile GitHub - arkanis/lisp.c: My second Lisp interpreter (bytecode compiler and interpreter) written in GNU C )

In openSUSE, its gc-devel

@euneuber look at the Source rpm in zypper output;

zypper if libgc1 | grep src
Source package : gc-7.6.4-1.16.src

zypper se gc-devel
zypper in gc-devel

The correct way to find development package on openSUSE is to look for capabilities, not to guess the name (which may vary and just happened to match source RPM name by accident). Well written software should check for capabilities using pkg-config:

bor@localhost:~> zypper search --provides 'pkgconfig(bdw-gc)'
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name     | Summary                           | Type
  | gc-devel | A garbage collector for C and C++ | package

And you do not even need to know the package names, because

zypper install 'pkgconfig(bdw-gc)'

finds the correct package for you.

Thank you, @Sauerland @malcolmlewis and @arvidjaar !!

I’ve learned something new!

I supervise Debian Servers at work and therefor I’m used to “guess” the name of the development package from the name of the library package (which works most of the time…)

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