where to find file associations on gnome

I need to find where are the settings to open the type of link “file://”

My problem is that those kind of links are not opened with nautilus but with another app. I want to restore the association.
This happen with any user, so I assume is something common.

First view a file in Nautilus. Right click on it → select open with → open with other application – > select from the list

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Well, I could, but that kind of file doesn’t exist.
I have the “folder” type associated to nautilus and also deleted all mimeinfo.cache. It doesn’t work.

Thank you.

Have you deleted mime-info? Maybe uninstall and reinstal the rpm shared-mime-info? BTW I’m out of my depth now.

I did it now.
The problem persist.

I read about a similar bug on ubuntu but with recent documents, related to vfs.
Are this links managed through vfs too?

I decided to check with vfs, look at this output:
gnomevfs-info file:///home**

Name : home
Type : Directory
MIME type : x-directory/normal
Default app : easytag.desktop
Size : 512
Blocks : 1
I/O block size : 4096
Local : YES
Sticky : NO
Permissions : 1600755
Link count : 20
UID : 0
GID : 0
Access time : Sun Jul 6 17:22:11 2008
Modification time : Wed Jul 9 12:46:40 2008
Change time : Wed Jul 9 12:46:40 2008
Device # : 2052
Inode # : 2
Readable : YES
Writable : YES
Executable : YES

Googling I decided to run update-mime-database.
Nothing happen.
So I’ll continue searching when I have more time. If you have a clue how to modify this, would be really welcome.


I can find where to change this.

Any idea where to change this?

Do you have this file still existing:


and this file, the version in your locale/language:


And question 2: do you remember how you deleted mime-info, what did you do that deleted it?

  1. Both of them, shared-mime-info.pc and shared-mime-info.mo

  2. I can’t find the file mime-info. I removed shared-mime-info using rpm to ignore the deps and then install it again through zypper.

That’s got my 2k of brainpower exhausted :confused: – I hope you find the answer – post here progress – interested.

Finally :smiley: it’s working!

Looking a way to set an app to gnomevfs, I ended up going to /usr/share/applications/defaults.list, at the end of the list was the faulty line


So, I replaced easytag.desktop with nautilus-folder-handler.desktop and after restart gnome, it works :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!