where system icons are placed?

on my opensuse 13.1 and kde 4.11.5, if I rightclick on an icon and ask properties a window appear, clicking on the icon a window appear, system icon is checked and application is selected, well, I would like to copy one icon, or the entire set of this icons and copy to another opensuse 13.1 system, how can I copy this set of icons?? where it is??
manythanks, :slight_smile: ciao :slight_smile: pier

You mean this?
The icons are be in /usr/share/icons/ or ~/.local/share/icons.
But you shouldn’t just copy the icons in /usr/share/icons/, as they normally come via packages. Install the corresponding icon theme package on the other system and they should be there.

Or do you want to copy the icon association for specific files/mimetypes?
Those are stored in *.desktop files. Just copy those then.
F.e. if you have a shortcut on your desktop with a specific icon (let’s call it “myshortcut”), then just copy the file ~/Desktop/myshortcut.desktop.
Icon associations for mime-types are stored somewhere in ~/.local/share/applications. Again the *.desktop files specify the icon to use, but they might have to be referenced by another file in there (if it’s no system-wide mime type).