Where oh where have my scores gone?

Where is the file for kPatience that contains the game scores? I simply cannot find it!


This seemingly simple thing has now become a quest!

I have stared the the man page for find for what seems like hours!

I opened kpatience, played a card game, closed the application, and then used, within konsole, the command:

find $HOME -mmin 10

Thinking it would display the name and location of the file that was updated with the score from the latest game. It displayed nothing useful.

So, I su - ed and tried:

find / -mmin 10

and still did not find it!

Wouldn’t that last command have shown the file name that had been changed by the latest game? What am I doing wrong?


I don’t play this game (or any other in Linux), but located in ~/.config/kpatrc perhaps?

Well since you’re on a quest:

find $HOME -name kpat 

as your normal user.