Where lost Repository XGL: Compiz Fusion, Emerald?

Sorry for this question. But where lost Repository Compiz Fusion, Emerald?
Index of /repositories/X11:/XGL:
The day before yesterday I had access to this repository. Where has he gone?

I suggest you pick one through software.opensuse.org: Search Results

Correct Repo is X11:Compiz
X11:XGL has been dropped.


None of these options does not work. :frowning:

How can I contact people who can answer the question “Why have removed the repository?”?

see above :wink:
Index of /repositories/X11:/Compiz

Oh, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Why is there only a .ymp for compiz Gnome in here? And why wouldn’t they announce the removal of the XGL repository? All the one-clicks from the wiki point to those! And finally, the official repository doesn’t contain a one-click for kde users… The way that particular problem was handled wasn’t very elegant. Will be updating the wiki’s and my how-to for the official compiz repo…

Edit: After further looking, they don’t even have the emerald package in the official repo. KDE users will have a heck of a time downloading all of the needed packages and then configuring compiz to use the kde-decorations before they can even use compiz. I know there’s a thread somewhere where someone told how to use kwin’s decorations so I’ll be posting and giving credit to them once I find it again. Will also be filing some bugs.

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I’d drop a mail at cyberorg or really file a new bug on that.

Okay, so Jigish Gohil IS cyberorg. So the removal of the repository was by the person maintaining it. I’ve gotten compiz to successfully work in KDE4 on 11.3 without emerald or the fusion-icon. It drags in a couple of gnome dependencies but I should have a workaround typed up with screenshots by the end of today. Thanks for pointing out the bug report lotz1009.

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Though Emerald is a nice-to-have. Didn’t notice it’s not in the X11 Compiz repo.
But TIA for the “workaround”, I’ll definitely have a look on it!

hey, people…

i’m running 11.2 kde 4.3.

i have both the x11:compiz and the x11:xgl repos…
i’ve gathered from this thread and another that i should just delete the ‘xgl’ repo and continue living.
…however, will there be any changes or issues with my current setup, specifically regarding the compiz, emerald, etc.? or is there not that much of a difference between the two repos?


Big difference. The official repo (x11:compiz) doesn’t have compiz-emerald or the fusion-icon. So just keep your setup how it is now and do not update compiz until this gets sorted out.

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P.S. My how-to is now updated to work around no emerald or fusion icon and use the kwin decorator with compiz.

Everybody just watch out that you don’t remove emerald or fusion-icon if you need it (usually it won’t be done automatically, even if you remove the repos).
Thanks to Cyberorg I’ll be able to keep emerald, emerald-themes and fusion-icon (I’m not sure about emerald-themes-extra at the moment) though it will take some time to publish (some changes have to be done).
Please do also not that there will be no future changes on both. The source of fusion-icon was last changed in Feb 2008 and if this is going to get incompatible or outdated (e.g. for python’s sake) I won’t work on the source. I just keep it in the OBS “as is”. Same goes to emerald.

This is a spare time project and even my first in the OBS. So please be patient :slight_smile:
As long as there are no serious troubles this will come in about a week…

Fusion-Icon is already available in Index of /repositories/home:/lOtz1009:/emerald
Please note that users who already have installed fusion-icon will not need that repo, for there are no further updates (see above).

Emerald and Themes will follow, though there are some build errors I have to investigate…

thanks, friends…

should be complete by now.
emerald-themes-extra will follow by the end of the week.

and please: i did not extensively test that stuff. it works on my 3 pc’s (32 and 64 b it)

…where can i get the “new” or “fixed” XGL repo at?

i’ve been away for a while, and now feel kinda lost…i still get the same error message when updating…

Did you miss that one?
And what error message do you get?

no, i didnt miss that…
but i did somehow get confused somewhere between then and my last post…

…i think i’m good now. and, of course, if i’m not you will most likely know sooner or later…

thanks everyone for the help…

If you want, you can link to or use my 1clicks for that howto. Available at opensuse
(page is not complete, but the links will stay there.)