Where is "Use Automatic Configuration" in YaST install and Advanced options?

I kept screen images of the last successful install of openSUSE running on our productive machines. I really liked the outline on the left-hand side; That seems to be gone now. Also, there was an option, “Use Automatic Configuration”. I would always uncheck it, and the outline on the left would grow and include steps like: Check Installation, Hostname (DHCP, routing, interent connection, network card, and other network configuration), Network, Online Update, Release Notes, Hardware Configuration, etc…

I did not see that option in the openSUSE 13.2 YaST installation, and YaST did not go through those steps. What is the openSUSE replacement for the function these options served? Or, should I just edit the files directly?

I suspect removing this option (a) made things quicker (b) reflects the confidence of the openSUSE team that YaST can handle pretty well everything itself. I have always relied on automatic configuration and, apart from partitioning when I have sometimes opted for something different, the only problems I have had were, in the past, editing synaptics and, more recently, editing usb_modeswitch.conf to work with older mobiles/cameras.

… well, to me, it almost begins to feel Microsoft-ish: "We want you to do it the way we tell you to, not the way you want to."

This is not a rant, just an eerie feeling of deja vu.:frowning:

The way Btrfs was handled also makes me feel this way.