Where is the Ndiswrapper compatibility list

It’s gone from the old location, and for that matter the old Ndiswrapper wiki site is gone too. There’s reference to Sourceforge project page for Ndiswrapper, but that’s pretty much empty now. Does anyone know where is the list of supported cards for Ndiswrapper?


Yup, it’s gone and that’s sad. [Doesn’t appear that
anyone there cares enough to rectify it. I emailed devos a couple of
weeks ago and got no response.]

That said, one dedicated user found a year-old archive-copy of the list here:

Better than nothing I guess…it helped me solve one ndiswrapper issue here.

Thanks for that. It’s a pity. I guess in the future we simply assume the following: “try the windows drivers – it might work”.

I think the maintenance of a wiki that records the compatibilities and incompatibilities and the tweaks that ppl have used to get Ndiswrapper to work, on a card by card basis – I think that was an essential part of the success of Ndiswrapper. Without that catalog of user experience as a reference, I regard Ndiswrapper as fundamentally flawed. How can we endorse something that “might work”, I wonder?

Oh well, another icon bites the dust.