Where is the md5sum for powerpc?

I just downloaded an ISO from Index of /ports/ppc/factory/iso

I ran md5sum on the file, which came to be:

c69471c194607e825b8ba42a5f5069eb  openSUSE-NET-ppc-Build0005-Media.iso (unverified)

Can anyone tell me where I can check this?

Not sure that is published because this is a test build for PPC which AFAIK is not officially supported any more. You may just go ahead and burn it and see if there is a media check in the menu.

Ok, thanks. I am just toying around with an old iMac G3 and I wanted to see what I could get to work on it.

Well I think test builds should have an md5sum too, since things could go wrong and they’d want to rule out the image being corrupt, wouldn’t they?

On 11/08/2012 02:56 AM, gogalthorp wrote:
> AFAIK is not officially supported any more

i’m sure there is no PPC currently supported by openSUSE, but maybe
SUSE Linux Enterprise has some…try looking at suse.com or asking in
their forum…

these are the openSUSE forums, and the SUSE SLE forums are here

the ID/Pass you used here, works there…

note: most anything you see from suse.com or suse.de (like your cite:
http://ftp.suse.de/ports/ppc/factory/iso/) are commercial products or
associated with them…


Thanks dd, but I’m only interested in the Libre aspect, so I won’t be checking out SUSE. (It does feel like I’m getting into mac/powerpc at the late stage, since many distros are dropping support for it. But the only reason why I’ve acquired the hardware is for this very reason - the powerpc macs are slowly falling out of use.)

Here is the md5sum for another version, and if anyone can post their own result, then we can sort-of confirm it’s correct.

from Index of /opensuse/ports/ppc/distribution/12.2/iso

56d4c14b40acf0c29e385fe144136efc  openSUSE-NET-ppc-Build0022-Media.iso (unverified)