Where is the icon folder?

Hey all,

Where is the Icon folder?

I downloaded an icon package, don’t really know where to put this folder.



but maybe

> Where is the Icon folder?

there are icons ALL over…but i guess most somewherre in /usr/share

but, if you want to have that downloaded package where YOU can find
it…AND have it after you upgrade to 11.1, you MUST put it in your /home

make sense?

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
A Texan in Denmark

Posting in the above places will make the icons available to all users. If you just want to make them available to yourself, put them in ~/.kde4/share/icons (if you are using KDE4).

Easier still, if you are using KDE, is to use the kde control center. Installing this way will put them in your home directory.


Thanks a whole bunch