Where is the GNOME Session Panel?

Just installed 12.1 and am trying to find my way around things in GNOME 3 and am looking for a couple of things:

  1. Startup Applications - How do I configure the applications that start when I log in to GNOME? This used to be in the Session panel in GNOME 2.x - where has it moved?
  2. Mouse Behavior - Specifically, I consistently use the focus follows cursor feature, which, again, I believe was in the GNOME 2.x session panel. Where did this one go?


  1. Alt+F2 gnome-session-properties. It’s set to not display in the menu
    system (see the desktop file in /usr/share/applications).

  2. Alt+F2 gnome-tweak-tool. It’s under Windows -> Windows focus mode.

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