Where is the email folder, open Suse 12.1?

Where is the email folder located in Kmail, openSuse 12.1? It looks like a different location that in 11.4.

I use Thunderbird, but a scan of the internet came up with these for kmail.


or in (if you use akonadi)


~/ always means your /home/username folder and anything that starts with a period is a hidden file. You can use Dolphin to look at these but you must turn on the ability to view hidden files.

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Both of these pathways point to kontact data from Suse 11.4. I’m still not finding new files since upgrading to 12.1.

I found another tidbit here. Is it any value to you?

While upgrading openSuse from 11.x to 12.1 kmail migration failed.
After a lot of (half-)failed migration trial an errors I found out:
there is a menu option to import messages.
File/Import messages
choose: import maildirectories and mailfolders of kmail
and select de mailfolder p.e. inbox, ( not de underlying cur directory)
p.e. .kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail/inbox
check also for hidden directories. One of my mailfolders started with a dot.
N.B. Translation might be wrong, I use dutch version.

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Your emails will be in ~/.local/share/.local-mail.directory