Where is the announcement: "Tumbleweed snapshot 202307xx released"?

As a matter of routine, I do a “zypper dup” daily.

This evening I did the dup, and to my surprise, I had 200+ packages to install.
I checked my second TW machine - same outcome - over 200+ packages.

HOWEVER, I do not like to accept it (answer “yes”), until I’ve read the announcement, which includes a link to the “package build results”. I also like to read all of the packages that will be updated, before I commit.

So the main question … where is the announcement ???

The most recent that I have seen, is the announcement for 20230724.

However, if you go to the download site, there is a file “Changes.20200727.txt” which is pretty much the same as what’s in the typical announcement.

Thanks @deano_ferrari … I’m familiar with where to find the announcements.

But my point is that the last announcement is for 24 Jul, but the most recent update is actually 28 Jul, with no announcement for it, so no link to update details.
And I have zero clue what @karlmistelberger is on about in his reply - I guess he’s thinking about another thread … this thread has zero to do with “timers” and “rollbacks” or “broken update”.

Thanks @nrickert … what I did - I clicked on the 24 Jul update link, then on the 24 Jul “test summary” link … then modified that url to see the Test Results for 28 Jul, here:


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@aggie It happens at times, holidays, infrastructure (In this case AFAIK it was an issue with the mail server and a restart required), full moon etc.

When it happens, just visit the download site and check the change log as indicated by @nrickert


Appears I’m not the only person looking for another option to check for the update list, based on this thread:

In that thread, I discovered this, which is nice (I’m sure a few folks know about this, but I didn’t till just now) - it contains other hyperlinks too:

Yes, Malcolm has advised TW types to subscribe to the relevant mailing lists previously. :slight_smile:

Announcements are nice to have. Actually they don’t matter. What matters is the repos. Think of documentation and source code. The latter always supersedes the former.

Given the above I never read the announcements but perform a daily zypper dist-upgrade running unattended and fully automatic using systemd services and timers. Experience with dozens of machines since November 2019 has shown this strategy to work reliably. On the rare occasions it failed a `snapper rollback …’ fixed the mishap.

I was also curious about the missing announcement(s). Appreciate the links to various resources :+1:

@myswtest As I indicated an infrastructure issue, they are doing upgrades, stuff happens…