Where is the "Add / Remove Programs" in Open Suse 10.3?

As the title say, help me. I’m lost.

Yast - Software Management

How do i uninstall things??I didn’t see any program listed…like in the “windows”

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You didn’t see ANY programs listed? Did you search for them? YaST
manages all of the system’s software (at least everything installed via
RPM) so if everything were listed all of the time the list would be
daunting (most OS’s come with a lot of software out of the box, like
Office application, advanced image editors, multiple browsers, e-mail
clients, etc.). If you do not search for what you are after specifically
you will likely see nothing or a very short list.

Good luck.

kuszmania9999 wrote:
> How do i uninstall things??I didn’t see any program listed…like in the
> “windows”
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Ok, actually i installed “Wine”, then install Bit Comet and Yahoo Messenger for windows with it, then i want to remove it.
I did type “Bit Comet” in the Search but didn’t found any result.

You really need to familiarize yourself with the concept of Linux.
Concepts - openSUSE

Programs installed under wine must be removed under wine. Some wine tips: Geoff’s Linux tips - wine

Why would you want Bitcomet or Yahoo Messenger
Use ktorrent, vuze ot transmission for torrents
and kopete or pidgin for messenger

ok thanks. i use the “wine uninstaller” command and it did works!
I want to use bit comet coz i used the ktorrent and it didn’t connecting, i mean it found error saying something corrupted and im sure the torrent were good.

Yahoo messeger have lots of emoticon than kopete as far as i know.

If you just came to Linux and continue to use Windows programs with it and think the Windows way of doing things, why not just stick to Windows instead and save you the headache?

Linux is pretty different to Windows in how it operates and if you’re not prepared to invest some time in learning and understanding the basics of it, you’ll have a lot of problems with it.

As for ktorrent, there’s also transmission, Vuze, and deluge which you may try out. The error ktorrent throws is probably a misconfiguration on your side

as for yahoo messenger having more emoticons than kopete, you do realize that you can install emoticon themes in kopete that can broaden the selection of available emoticons? :slight_smile:

  • kuszmania9999,

use Yast whenever possible. In 99% of all cases you don’t have to download software: Let Yast do the work. Here’s an article