Where is SMPlayer ?


I just playing with openSUSE 11.3. I have no idea what wrong so just post here. Where to download SMPlayer, qmmp (audio player), zapping (analog tv software) ?

mp3, avi, mkv, wmv all working with vlc.

linux-gf08:/home/ida # zypper lr
# | Alias                          | Name                      | Enabled | Refresh
1 | download.opensuse.org-standard | Main Repository (Contrib) | Yes     | Yes    
2 | pacman                         | pacman                    | Yes     | Yes    
3 | repo-non-oss                   | openSUSE-11.3-Non-Oss     | Yes     | Yes    
4 | repo-oss                       | openSUSE-11.3-Oss         | Yes     | Yes    
5 | repo-update                    | openSUSE-11.3-Update      | Yes     | Yes    
linux-gf08:/home/ida # zypper se smplayer mplayer
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name                | Summary                               | Type      
  | MPlayer             | Multimedia Player                     | package   
  | MPlayer             | Multimedia Player                     | srcpackage
  | MPlayer-debuginfo   | Debug information for package MPlayer | package   
  | MPlayer-debugsource | Debug sources for package MPlayer     | package   
  | MPlayer-doc         | Multimedia Player                     | package   
linux-gf08:/home/ida # zypper se smplayer 
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
No packages found.
linux-gf08:/home/ida # zypper se smplayer qmmp zapping
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
No packages found.
linux-gf08:/home/ida # 

Isn’t openSUSE 11.3 still pre-release? There is a beta/pre-release forum in the help section. From there you may have discovered that Packman’s factory repo didn’t contain all packages for testing purposes. SMPlayer was definitely not there, although MPlayer was IIRC along with kaffeine, xine, and codecs.

Packman’s 11.3 release repo is a work in progress, but available, and may not be completed until shortly after 11.3 release is available generally.

BTW, welcome to the forum as I see this is your first post.

smplayer is available now
see my guide
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

I’m using it myself

Oh sorry. I post in wrong forum.

So need wait a week or two after release date.

kelisa, no problem really as very close to release date of 15th. You don’t have to wait if you don’t want to. As @caf4926 confirmed, SMPlayer is already in the 11.3 Packman repo. At release, packman’s 11.3 repo and mirrors should appear in the wiki under “Additional package repositories”. You can take a look at what is there now in the 11.3 repo at this link.

I’ve even used it already :slight_smile: