Where is python-kde4-4.1.96 ?

As I’ve previously written 2 superkaramba themes, I want to port them to plasmoids for KDE 4.2. I prefer doing this in python, but for this I need python-kde4. However, the rest of KDE is 4.1.96 while python-kde4 is at 4.1.87 and it relies on libkde4-4.1.87. Will this package be updated soon as well, just like the rest of kde4?

I would love for this package to update too!
I’m waiting for it so I can write some plasmoids in python, hope it gets updated soon!

Add this repo to get python-kde4-4.1.96: Index of /repositories/home:/pantsgolem:/branches:/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

Cool, thanks! Wonder why they haven’t done the packages for the regular repository… Well, important thing is I’ve got it now. Thanks again. :slight_smile: