where is perl5?

Hi. I thought perl would be at user/bin/perl but it isn’t there and I can’t find it. I have done a command line check and it is there. BUT I am trying to install webmin and get a message that it is not. Unfortunately my Grom does not handle St CrK well, so help is needed.:’(

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Since your new, some slack will be cut, but failing our word filter is not a good way to start… understood!

Perl is located in /usr/bin/ not user/bin… the which command shows the full path.

So looks like it’s a webmin bug (which has a fix in there);

You might need to look at converting the init scripts to systemd units, or look on the webmin site as they may have something available.

It is at “/usr/bin/perl” here.

Maybe try a forced reinstall.

$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/perl perl-base-5.26.1-lp150.5.19.x86_64