where is paste in plasma5 system try?

on my PC=Dell latitude E6510, RAM=8Gb, GPU=GT218 NVS 3100M, CPU=i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
I upgraded my opensuse 13.2 to leap 42.1 with KDE4 and plasma5 using wolfi repos
in kde4 system tray there is paste text snipper,
I cannot find it in plasma5 system tray.
how can I get paste in plasma5 system tray??
manythanks, :slight_smile: ciao :slight_smile: pier

‘Add Widgets’ >> Search : ‘Quick Share’

manythanks david, but quick share quite different of paste…
in paste you can edit the content of each item with what you like and call them with nicknames and have also current date and random password
and then with some clicks chose the text identified by the nicknames and paste where you like.
in quick share you cannot edit anything and the only way to add text is to drag and drop onto it and choose where you want to share
is there anything more similar to paste?
where I can save a list of text identified with nicknames and copy from that list with a click and paste where I like?
manythanks :slight_smile: ciao :slight_smile: pier

Best you have at the moment, as far as I can see. No doubt that added functionality will follow in the coming months.