where is my gcc

I installed suse 11.1, and I can’t found the gcc for C coding.
When I used YaST, it said that I have installed gcc.

However, I cannot find it. Is the Mono Development environment
for gcc??


gcc is a terminal compiler, ie it does not have by default an interface and is called from the terminal, mostly by Makefiles. Gcc is located in /usr/bin/gcc and there’s also a symlink to it in /usr/bin called ‘cc’

you don’t code in gcc, you compile code with it :wink:

Mono is a open source implementation of C# and .NET and it has its own compiler

Thanks you very much.
Since I am totally new for Linux, I am learning it.

> Since I am totally new for Linux, I am learning it.

i guess you are a hacker/coder who is trying out this side…welcome…

if you haven’t yet, suggest you open YaST and go

Software > Software Management then flip the ‘Filter’ (at the top)
from “Search” to “Patterns”, scroll the new left side pane down to the
“Development” section and place a check mark next to “Base
Development” and all you think you need, then hit “Accept”


but, if in the future, you want to see if some package is installed on your computer, like gcc, you can use this command in terminal:

rpm -qa | grep PACKAGE [rpm -qa | grep gcc]


whereis COMMAND [whereis gcc]

the first command will return the name of package if they are installed, the second will return the location on your system for some command that you need to use.