Where is my DVD toaster?


On my freshly installed system (SuSe 11.0, using LiveCD, followed by an installation over the Internet) I wanted to burn a DVD (an Optiarc DVD RW AD-5200A or a QLUP WDM7G5UVS SCSI CdRom Device). As far as I know I should be able to burn double layer DVD’s. But currently not while using Linux.

Anyone know what steps I should take to enable my toaster? I don’t have the faintest idea to formulate a search query for Google that might lead me to an answer myself.


depends on what program you are using. If K3B, make sure you have the packman version installed


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply. Due to some other problems I can not answer your reply from Linux. So I can not check what program I’m using. But when I tried to burn a DVD using (the Linux equivalent for) Start -> Programs -> Burnsoftware -> Burn (rotfl!) I got an error message stating device was unknown (or something like that.

Is this enough to take it further?


go in to the configuration settings if it is saying device unknown. Are you using KDE or Gnome ? K3B works with 99.9% of hardware,gnomebaker ( iirc) may not work so well.Also,make sure your version is up-to-date


Usually, for ISO burning (either CD or DVD), it’s either Brasero or K3b (in both cases, you’ll want the versions from the Packman repository). Usually, both are good about picking up DVD burners directly (either IDE or SATA). The problem can be with devices attached to controllers not supported by openSuSE out of the box. You stated you have dual DVD burners (one SATA and one SCSI); are the controllers directly supported by openSuSE?