where is my Drivers?

hi all,
im new to opensuse. linux in general :slight_smile:

and i just installed opensuse but the problem is i cant find my partitions…

here is a pic to show the problem…


i’ve tried Ubuntu before 7.04 feisty
and i was able to mount the partitions and unmont

from where i can access my partitions.



i cant find any partitions

help !

If you’re looking for your window partitions, in Nautilus (the filebrowser) click the Filesystem icon on the left which should bring you to
then find the map windows … and in there should be the directories C, D, E, F linking to your windows partitions.

By default you can only read from your window partitions and not write to them. If you want write access please see NTFS - openSUSE

they’re even on the screenshot you made btw, /windows/C etc :wink:

thnx alot my friend :slight_smile:
you really helped much…
i was still searching for a soultions…

i found a web site for read and for sure write to NTFS
it’s NTFS-3G: Stable Read/Write NTFS Driver

but i dont know how to install the program yet !!
there is no .exe files in linux as i understand
how to install this then…
if u can help again that would so nice from you…

Check the link posted by Axeia.

“For openSUSE 11.0, ntfs-3g is installed by default and write support is enabled for root only…
By default, only root user can write on NTFS partition. Modify /etc/fstab to reflect dmask=002 to enable user writing.”

To elaborate on that a bit…
Go to start up the Yast control center

  1. Click System
  2. Click Partioner
  3. Answer the warning with yes
  4. Doubleclick a disk with mountpoint /windows/?
  5. Edit
  6. Fstab options
  7. In the field at the bottom labeled as “Arbitrary option value” add the previously mentioned “,umask=0002” behind the dmask setting/value
  8. OK
  9. Finish
  10. If it warns you about some changes… just answer it with yes

I find this way easier than editting fstab manually as you don’t run into file permission problems as you have to run Yast control center as root

yaaay it worked now :slight_smile:
i was very puzzeled and disapointed last night
and have done alot of miss in the terminal and the Home got broken so is the applications cuz i set the home to a different partition
you saved my day again. :slight_smile:

i’ve one last question i was trying to have a Shortcut from my Partitions to the Home icon but i only found myself able to copy or move the partitions

how to make a shorcut from the partition at home or desktop so i can access them easier.
thnx alot.

Look here Creating a Symbolic Link to a File or Folder - Nautilus File Manager . . . google is your friend.