where is "Main Actor" program ?

I`m hear some old openSUSE releases has program called “Main Actor” included… This program was removed now? This is some Non-Linear video-editing software… Like Adobe Premiere. Some peoples say me many good words about it, and they say about “Main Actor is included in openSUSE” - this is a wrong information ?

Oh sorry, i found about it…
Help Free Mainactor Source Code - openSUSE Forums

Main Actor project is discontinued and authors has a no plans about continue anymore.

…One more good program has left in the past… :frowning:

Indeed. There are other NLE for openSUSE. Cinelerra is purported to be very capable, if one can work thru the user interface. Cinelerra’s interface makes gimp’s user interface look positively friendly. I long since gave up on Cinelerra.

I use kdelive myself. Plus kdenlive appears to be ahead ( ? ) of the other Linux NLE in handling AVCHD camcorder format.

Some openSUSE NLE information:
Video editing - openSUSE

Cinellerra is look cool, but has no support for animated image sequences loading (i mean - simple loading trough “add clip” menu)… For loading image sequence, i must first create some *.xml script file in sequence directory, then i can load stills. This some problem for me, because i work with sequences every day (and not day sometimes) and this feature is a very needed. Cinelerra has a hard interface. (but many cool features. like farm rendering, and of course - it free :wink: )

The last release of Kdenlive - is look nice (instead of most early releases), but not have a extended support of animation sequences… I found today some feature in Kdenlive, named as “Project” → “Add Slideshow Clip”. This work as secuences reading module, but i can use only 4 image formats:

  1. bmp
  2. jpg
  3. png
  4. gif

No support for TGA, TIF, and OpenEXR formats, but this formats is the most frequently used in CG-post production… For using Kdenlive, i must convert all stills first…

I register on Kdenlive site, and i think, i try to send feature request about this.

… Or i try to write this (i have some C programming skills. the most problem - is time lack )

I tend to use stills2dv (especially if I wish to pan a still image). Then I import it into kdenlive. stills2dv home page

oldcpu - thanks! i need to try it

Here are some examples (not done by me) of what can be done with stills2dv:

this useful program for some cases, thanks for examples!

I find in this day and age of the 14MPixel camera, one can use it to create a video that will zoom in (or zoom out) of a single pix, and can look quite good if the pix quality was good.

Now in my case, I only have an older 6 Mpixel camera :frowning: , … but even with that, I can create zooming effects. :slight_smile: Sometimes I will stitch a few to a dozen or more images to together, to create a panorama (with other software) and then use stills2dv to pan across the panorama image, much like a camcorder would pan.