Where is LDAP server

During installation of tumbleweed, I selected to install LDAP server. But when finished, I cannot find that server in Yast


Do you have the package yast2-ldap-server installed?

You selected package? Then, which name exactly? Or you selected pattern? Again, which name exactly?

The package is not installed, I search its name in software management but get empty result

In final page of OpenSUSE installation, I checked on at ldap server item.

It is no more developed. Part of functionality is in yast2-auth-server.

I have no idea what page you consider “final”. In the “Installation Settings” screen just before actual installation starts (after pressing Install) there is no string “LDAP” or “ldap”. Anyway, it appears that currently nothing really pulls in yast2-auth-server, even LDAP pattern. Could be topic for bug report.

Ok, sorry. This is on an openSUSE 13.2 system. I started a Leap 42.3. It indeed hasn’t the package yast2-ldap-server, but it has yast2-lpdap.

How difficult is it to search for ldap and see what is all there related to ldap?

Do you have that installed or not? BTW in my 42.3 it seems to be installed by default, because I do not use ldap and thus would not have installed extra packages for it

This thread is about Tumbleweed.

it has yast2-lpdap.

No, it does not, unless you mean yast2-ldap.

How difficult is it to search for ldap and see what is all there related to ldap?

What makes you believe this package has anything to do with setting up LDAP server?

BTW in my 42.3 it seems to be installed by default, because I do not use ldap and thus would not have installed extra packages for it

This package includes helpers to access LDAP and in any case it is required by yast2_basis pattern so no wonder it is present on any non-trivial installation.

I only tried to find out if the OP has indeed every package that has connections with LDAP installed. I was wrong assuming that LDAP is such an old and established thing that I thought there would not be much difference between 13.2 and TW. But I still assume that there is not much difference bwteen TW and 42.3 as far as this goes.

I got create new directory server in Yast after I installed the package yast2-auth-server. But I am really not sure how to fill in the last two fields in security options after I click create new directory server.


Try these sections from the openSUSE documentation to get you started.
Post again if you have questions…

General LDAP info, General Concepts and doing things “the hard way” manually

Using YaST to set up your LDAP, both Servers and Clients


The 4.1 section How to set up Authentication server in Last does not work in Tumbleweed, thats pretty awful:sarcastic:

I’m not a TW user, but can you explain a bit more what has changed, doesn’t work (or apply) anymore?

The Yast2 module to set up an LDAP server is gone, the module was Authentication server Module, it is described in the article above but is not available, as such I can’t set up the LDAP server through the GUI, there is one option Create a directory server but the deal breaker is the Certificate window, it would be nice to have the authentication server available, I even downloaded the module and installed by hand but it does not show up.

I agree that the documentation is out of date, and a bug report should be submitted (there is a link in the online documentation to do so).

I’ll download leap 42.3 15 just seems to have too many bugs

You could start new threads describing any issues you’re having. I haven’t encountered any problems with Leap 15. My earlier comment was about documentation, not the OS as such.

Seems to me that this thread may have been hijacked (other people are posting about their problems besides the @OP).

Don’t know if there is any issue specific to TW,
and it’s hard to analyze a problem if nothing specific seems to have been posted, only “It doesn’t work” and “documentation is incomplete” or similar. And, referencing an entire documentation section is also too vague.

  1. Only post in an existing thread if you <know> that your problem is the same or similar to the @OP. Otherwise, when in doubt start a new thread
  2. Post details. If in doubt, be <over> detailed about what your problem is. No one can help you if you simply say “It doesn’t work,” you have to post command results, screenshots or if necessary a camera pic of <exactly> what isn’t working for you.
  3. I don’t know how similar LEAP 15 and TW may be at this point, but at least one recent poster was successful setting up LDAP Server

There are plenty of patterns that don’t install the associated YaST module, perhaps most or nearly all.
Every pattern I know of at the moment off the top of my head is this way, you have to install the YaST module separately.
I find it easier to list and read available YaST modules by command line instead of in the YaST Software Manager, run the following command

zypper se yast2