Where is kprinter in KDE4?

Any idea what happened to the kprinter program? Is it not available under KDE4?

Hmm… I never realized that.

It shows that I have it installed in Yast but there isn’t an actual menu entry for it on my laptop.

It usually shows up when I go to print something. I have an Hp printer though so it’s used in conjunction with hp device manager.

kprinter is not there in KDE4.2.x
After reading the feature list of KDE4.3, I am still not clear about the plan.
Any ideas?

According to the KDE 4.3 release plan (Schedules/KDE4/4.3 Feature Plan - KDE TechBase), there’s some work planned for 4.3, but it hasn’t been worked on or at least the plan hasn’t been updated.

I’ve heard nothing in terms of plans.

I fact, I also read the same link.


there is an applet “kde4-printer-applet” showing your print jobs, the queue…



kde4-printer-applet is for showing the status of the printer jobs only.
kprinter was designed as a proper printing front-end and it was easy to integrate with scripts etc.