Where is KDE NetworkManager plasmoid?

After installing openSUSE 13.2 + KDE 4.14 I’ve noticed that there’s no networking display in tray (while internet connection itself is okay). The appropriate widget is missing. No plasmoid-networkmanagement is found in repos. In previous openSUSE versions it was in openSUSE-13.2-Update repo. So where is it now? Or was it replaced with something new?

It is probably already there.

Right click on the tray and select “System Tray Settings”. Then make sure that the box for “Network Management” is checked.

You might also want to go to

“Configure Desktop” → “Startup and Shutdown” → “Service Manager”
and make sure that the box for “Plasma Networkmanagement module” is checked.

nrickert, the network manager plasmoid is entirely missing. Neither such an item in tray settings, nor a checkbox labeled “Plasma Networkmanagement module” presents.

It should be there.
Right-click on the small up-arrow next to the digital clock that shows the hidden icons, choose “System Tray Settings”, and you should see “Networkmanagement” below “Extra items” in “Display”.

If not, check that you have the package “plasma-nm” installed, but it should be by default.

plasmoid-networkmanagement is the old one, that has been used upto 13.1.

That’s what I need. Thanks a lot!