where is Hexen 2?

Hello I got a copy of hexen II and I installed with wine except when I tried to install in my home directiory I got a message about winsock…alirght so I choose to install on my windows partion and the install path is C:\ HexenII except when I check the directory it’s nowhere to be found…so where could it be? thanks (sorry ignore the emoticon)

Hexen 2 can be run natively on Linux: Hammer of Thyrion: Hexen II and HexenWorld for Linux, BSD, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows

It’s available in Packman…

oh yes but thats just the demo I just logged onto my window partion patched the .pak files then cut and pasted to that directory of the gtk launcher.

Hang on, are we talking wine here. Any application run in wine need to be in
.wine/drive_c/Program Files

You need to run the the installer like this:
wine ./Setup.exe (where Setup.exe is the installer name)

Ah ok,I see that’s where the problem was. Thanks